German judiciary is a model for us. In Wiesbaden, after 3 years, 2 perpetrators were convicted for fraud and counterfeiting the origin of the paintings. It was a forgery of the Russian avant-garde. The names of those perpetrators and SNZ Gallery should be remembered and kept in mind when purchasing artworks. The case shows the perpetrators are far ahead, aware of the importance of the origin of the paintings, thus they counterfeit it. Consequently, it will be necessary to devote more attention to the documentation of provenance when examining an artwork. The judges said there had been no evidence that fake images had been made at the request of the defendants. It was not even necessary, because there is an infinite number of better or worse counterfeited paintings circulating in the art world, art collections and on the Internet. What decides is the credibility of legends about the origin of paintings! This is connected with influencing the experts too! And one more thing was showed at the court, the connection of perpetrators with the organization called "The International Chamber of Russian Modernism" (Incorm), which had verified the origin of the works. Here emerges the link to the Parisian "expert" Jean Chauvelin, who was a part of Incorm and supplied the SNZ Gallery of certificates for "undoubtedly original" paintings. This is already a story of shame in Ghent and Tours. We need our courts to be at least as fast as the German ones.


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