The fact that there are some problems of copyright and patent law issues in China can be seen with the Wendy Taylor's sculpture called Timepiece which was made by the artist for London. Somebody found it so beautiful that it was almost precisely copied for Shanghai. If anyone wants to believe it is just a coincidence, so be it. A question is, how the European artists and producers should protect their patents and works.
This issue is even more up-to-date since the author has turned to an organisation dealing with artists’ rights - Dacs, as well as the British and Chinese governments. Despite having taken these steps, she expresses doubts that it will lead to the remedy for plagiarism.
If she says that “copyright laws truly end at the borders of Europe and the Chinese laws are very different," then it is definitely not good news. Her statement “to take someone to a court for this reason, or to do something with it, is financially not possible” is not good news, either.



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