Leonardo DiCaprio has invested in an application of the Magnus company. The app, named Shazam for Art, is designed to enable users to recognize artworks as well as Shazam application recognizes music. The impulse for the founder Magnus Resche was the lack of transparency in the art market. Users of the application can find out the key information about the art work, its name, the artist's name, the year of creation, the history of exhibitions, the price or a list of similar works of art. It is definitely an interesting move that can replace poor or fraudulent sellers. The number of 20,000 collaborating galleries and 10 million works in the database is a truly respectable amount. It is certainly difficult for verification which is the basis for the entire application. It is possible that the connection of technology and art trade is promising and DiCaprio will make a good investment, but that will prove over time.
Shazam for Art reminds those who are trying to prevent the spread of counterfeits along with selling the art. Such attempts have also appeared in the Czech Republic. It is true that those who are in the art world are sceptical about it, claiming that the data and the correct data must be first entered into the application so that it will be able to make a comparison. This is certainly no simple matter. Even about this journey only time will decide whether it is the right way to go or not. Along the way, the users will decide.



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