April 8, 2016

As it was shown by a reporter of Czech Television on April 7th, 2015 at 7.45 pm (time 45:07) on the main news program, it is not a problem in China to order a copy of an artwork of a world-renowned artist. We can choose its proportions according to the area of empty space on the wall of the apartment. Prices are attractive of course. The way from an admitted copy to an unadmitted copy is short. Its transportation is also not a problem nowadays - it takes only few days to deliver the order to Europe. A market element enters the forgery business. A Chinese painter will surely have lower financial demands than a European one. This may cause a pressure on the quality of forgeries which will improve and experts will have harder times with assessment. It is possible that Czech forgers won’t be able to compete in such a competitive environment.


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