Not a big surprise. What is expensive is being faked, so why not Damien Hirst's works too. This time, a three-member New York group has been accused of selling counterfeits for more than $400,000. Among them, there is also previously accused Vincent Lopreto.
The "limited edition" of Hirst's prints was forged and sold online. The buyers were from all over the world. Of course, those faked prints were accompanied by false provenience documentation.
Fake certificates and false expert opinions of a low quality are a problem in the Czech Republic too!
It is worth reflection about the statement of a New York based art trader - Joseph Levene, who said that fake Hirst's prints were quite widespread on the Internet. Speaking to the Guardian, he said, "On eBay there are people who are dragged into counterfeit art because these people love being fooled by low prices." This statement reflects the human nature. Thanks to it, people are an infinite source of money for these fraudsters.
Another reason for reflection is an additional comment by Levene in which he said that the problem with counterfeits is not just on the Internet. "You can be fooled anywhere, it may not be just online." Hirst discovered his first counterfeit work at Venice Biennale in 2014.
Faking of a living author is also known in the Czech Republic. Professor Sopko could talk about it.
As it can be seen from the article, greed or fraudulent intentions do not involve only secular people but also the clerical ones.


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