A Chinese website offers reproductions of well-known artists

February 3, 2015

The article describes offer of reproductions of well-known artists' works which are being created in China. It describes the situation on the art market which is very unclear and confusing. At the same time it shows that it is a great problem to stop spreading of fakes or works that are violating authorship law. The number of such cases keeps rising. In case of a good quality reproduction it is only a matter of time when somebody is going to offer it as an original.

A casting of A. Giacometti was offered in Prague

January 21, 2015

We were informed that a bronze casting of A. Giacometti, named Diego's head, has been offered in a Prague gallery. The casting's height is 31 cm and it is not signed. The Foundation Alberto et Annette Giacometti informs that this is not an original work of A. Giacometti. The gallery doesn't offer this casting anymore. The question is, where will be offered next time.

Forgeries on the art market

January 20, 2015

Blog about belgian and intenational art law. By Alexandre Pintiaux.

It comes the time of changing ethic standards in art dealing

January 12, 2015

Being a collector or an investor and reading the article by Ruth Osborne, it would be the most natural decision for you to go out of that business. The auction houses and experts are making great efforts in order to undermine the confidence in funcional market. In a nutshell, it's every man for himself and fraudsters against everybody. The article contains several basic practices and methods that are used in the Czech republic as well. The article indicates the only way that may save the market, and that is to support higher stadards for art dealing which can assure the elimination of fakes.

Geneva lab sleuths help art world uncover fakes

January 12, 2015

The article about results obtained by a Swiss laboratory may leave you flabbergasted with amazement after you find out the number of forgeries uncovered. It shows the importance of technical expertise combined with examination by art historians. Such cooperation should be made a standard part of the procedure and not only in Switzerland. Of course it is not necessary to point out that those experts should be renowned authorities in their field. Saving on experts examination is penny wise and pound foolish, and it's better done before the purchase or immediately after it, because later you may find out that the justice is not on the side of the victim but on the fraudster's.

Forgery of Rodin's sculptures on an almost industrial scale

December 19, 2014

Upon reading the article about forgery of Rodin's sculptures, many readers might think that it is not actually that surprising. Many are interested in Rodin's art, and where is demand, there is supply. Though the amount of produced fakes is surprising. In this article we won't be discussing rights of Rodin's Museum, or right of the French state to dispose of the artist's legacy. All legal issues related to the use of plaster moulds for creating bronzes and their subsequent sale would have been surely solved out faster if the answers from their current owners had been acquired. If the work was offered to them as an original or as an admitted copy. Most probably there are not many collectors and investors who want to spend 40.000 € for a copy.
Information that on the Czech market there are suspiciously many casts of O.Gutfreund is not brand new. Looks like we do have equally smart businessmen here as well.

eBay – is not full of treasures

December 10, 2014

If a collector or an investor reads the article from The Daily Beast about buying and selling practices on eBay, he might start to wonder also about practices of other auction websites and about offers of some art websites. Collectors and investors should be aware of becoming obsessed by their activity, as after coming back to reality they might try to sell their forgery, to get rid of the hot potatoe they've got and to get back at least some part of invested money. This happened to pastor Sutherland who was pursued for selling a forgery which he had bought himself some time ago. He tried to sell it despite the fact he knew from an authority that his piece was definitely not an original work of Damien Hirst.

The Senke case

December 10, 2014

Among other matters Alberto et Annette Giacometti Foundation obviously keeps an eye on the appearence of Alberto Giacometti forgeries on the market. One of the forgers who has distributed the forgeries was Lothar Senke, convicted the 30th of June 2011 by the Stuttgart tribunal. The tribunal ordered to destroy the majority of forged sculptures. The article mentions that some of the forgeries were returned to their deceived owners , so there's a risk that they might reappear on the market one day. We have been informed that sculptures of A. Giacometti are currently being offered in Prague. Aren't they those returned objects?


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